Odds and Ends

I think I have answered all your comments. I read them all and try to acknowledge.

I have received copy on both Umac 606 and 1Z2Z. It looks like I was using the 606 to refresh my early memory. There are close to exact quotes. The melted tube stuck in my brain more than the one with the toilet plunger anode. I’ll have to adjust that narrative. I have a copy of the 1Z2Z coming from Canada and I may have one good enough for the 606. You should see these added to the appropriate page in a few days. I guess I can place in a post too.

I noticed Wikipedia entries’ reference (7), as of yesterday, still contained counterfeit artwork for the 25120 WOM. Compare with my scan of a 42 year old original and the differences are immediately obvious and in large quantity. Moved paragraphs, subscripts and superscripts mixed, typos (Kana vs. Kane in footnote), totally blown lower right graph on reverse. I first noticed two different spot colors on the front page. The Signetics logo is different also. The irony is, it copies the copyright notice. Someone pulled a fast one, apparently lacking a suitable original.  This is discussed with links in the “Hoax within a Host” page of this blog. I contacted the Wikipedia gentleman cleaning the “Write-Only Memory” entry via a comment to his comment.



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