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A few days ago I chanced to pull up a Wikipedia item on the Signetics 25120 Write-Only-Memory. I was surprised to find their narrative derived from a “The Best of Bob Pease” article named “The origin of the WOM – the Write-Only-Memory” written by Bob Pease at National Semiconductor (NSC). Bob was a prolific author and scientist. He was killed in a car accident in 2011.

I was deep in the WOM program and set it off by creating a whimsical data sheet for a puzzling product. I often wrote real data sheets so it fit in.

I found one curious situation when I looked at the “Signetics” WOM data sheet provided in reference (4) of the Wikipedia article. The “better, readable, digitized, photocopy version of the original data sheet” is actually counterfeit. A cursory comparison will show many discrepancies, too numerous to mention. A lot of work, but why? They look like original artwork, not scanned or photo copied.

Our copies are of an original sheet. Now, after 43 years, yellowed, punched and blemished. In fact, I am suspicious there is the print of a squashed bug on the front side over the left column of notes. I prepared a correction for Wikipedia but it was pulled almost immediately with the helpful advice to say it in a blog.

Later I noticed there is a WikiProject underway to improve computer coverage. WikiProject states the WOM article has not received a rating for quality nor importance. Discussions started in 2006 so it’s taking a while, and their standards are many and strict.

2 thoughts on “The Wikipedia Connection

  1. Mark C

    That’s why, Wiki is not a normative reference. It is an opinion-based reference controlled by nitwits who overrule much factual information. I am an authority on Matchbox Toy Cars, but everything I ever added to Wiki had been removed by others with an agenda.

    In my time as a college instructor, anybody who cited wiki got an immediate “FAIL”.


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